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Tenure Track Faculty

ACW offers two 12-week individualized programs for junior faculty.

Jumpstart Career Coaching Program. In the ACW Coaching Program the coach and junior faculty member create a well-defined research agenda and discuss ways to boost writing productivity and advance their case for tenure and promotion. ACW Academic Coaches provide guidance and tools to help individuals create an action plan and provide the accountability scholars need to attain the desired goals.

Advancing Scholarly Writing Program. In the ACW Writing Program the coach and faculty author review written drafts together, evaluate the substance of the work, set specific and measurable goals for the week to follow, and discuss venues for publication. Writers practice specific writing skills and send their writing products to the coach 24-to-48 hours prior to a scheduled meeting to receive consistent weekly guidance and constructive feedback on their written drafts.

If you would like an overview of the ACW Coaching and Writing Programs for Junior Faculty to provide to your institution, download this pdf.

ACW Coaching and Writing Programs for Junior Faculty

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