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Midcareer Faculty

ACW offers two 12-week individualized programs.

Next-Step Career Coaching Program. In the ACW Next-Step Career Coaching Program, the impetus for coaching comes from a desire to intentionally cultivate career growth after tenure. The posttenure years are a time when faculty members need to make conscious decisions about the priorities for their time and the distribution of their work across scholarly, teaching, service, and leadership responsibilities. Working with a professional coach outside the institution allows faculty members to gain clarity about the next phase of their career and the steps they need to take to actualize their career plan.

Reigniting Scholarly Writing Program. In the ACW Reigniting Scholarly Writing Program, faculty create a meaningful research agenda for their midcareer years and discuss ways to reinvigorate and advance writing productivity. This often means working with a writing coach on a book or other major writing project, and infusing new interests and ideas into existing scholarship. ACW Writing Coaches provide developmental guidance for midcareer writers; conduct detailed reviews of written drafts; review the substantive work; and instill positive, productive writing practices.

For a more complete description of the ACW Coaching and Writing Programs for Midcareer Faculty, download this pdf.

ACW Coaching and Writing Programs for Midcareer Faculty

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