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Leadership Coaching

The ACW Leadership Coaching Program aims to develop effective leaders in institutions of higher education by marshalling in rising leaders the inner resources needed to motivate and sustain them in their leadership roles and by coaching them as they cultivate the skills required to convey their leadership vision and inspire others.

More specifically, the ACW Leadership Coaching Program is designed to support individuals by:

  • Recognizing personal strengths and overcoming weaknesses,
  • Creating a leadership vision,
  • Tapping into leadership abilities,
  • Clarifying their values,
  • Communicating their leadership vision to others,
  • Developing and supporting an effective leadership team,
  • Listening deeply and asking powerful questions,
  • Learning to “champion” their team members, and
  • Building consensus and negotiating difficult interactions.

For a more complete description of the ACW Leadership Coaching Program, download this pdf.

ACW Leadership Coaching Program

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