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How to Publish an Article in a Social Science Journal

How to Publish an Article in a Social Science Journal

Kathryn Betts Adams


This book will take you through the steps involved in planning, writing, submitting and revising your manuscript in peer-reviewed journals. The information provided may apply to adapting material from your dissertation to create publishable manuscripts, or to reporting on a new research study.

The first two chapters in this book cover issues related to planning and starting the journal article publication process:

  • Determine Your Focus for a Journal Manuscript
  • Identify the Journal(s) to Target for Your Submission

The next five chapters go step-by-step through the typical sections of a scholarly journal article in the social or health sciences and discuss how to approach each: 

  • Write Your Literature Review
  • Write Your Methods Section and Its Subsections
  • Present Your Results or Findings
  • Craft Your Discussion Section
  • Handle Feedback, Revise, and Resubmit Like a Pro

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