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How to Get Your Academic Writing Done

How to Get Your Academic Writing Done

Amy Benson Brown


This eBook addresses common challenges academics face related to the writing process. It will debunk myths about the most efficient paths to productivity, explore the causes and cures for writer’s block, discuss how to increase your chances of striking writer’s gold in the form of the “eureka” moment, and how to attain a highly creative “flow” state of writing. It will address the following topics:

  • taking stock of your writing progress to plan a productive year
  • the big lie about academic writing: "I just have to write it up"
  • when writing seems like a dark journey, trust your headlights
  • what really is writer’s block?
  • overcoming anxiety about academic writing
  • overcoming procrastination
  • are you a precrastinator?
  • is dyslexia or ADHD affecting your writing process?
  • hitting the writer’s jackpot: flow states and eureka moments

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