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How to Design Your Post Tenure Path

How to Design Your Post Tenure Path

Carol Stack and Kathryn Betts Adams


Much is written to offer support and suggestions to graduate students, job seekers, and those on the tenure track. If you are fortunate enough to receive tenure, however, there is little written to help you figure out how to proceed and to support you in your decisions. This ebook discusses posttenure as a developmental stage. It will help you consider options for your professional agenda, advise you on academic networking, and alert you to some of the pitfalls and perks of being an associate professor. The ebook includes the following chapters:

  • Revisit Your Life Choices
  • Decide Which Track You’re On
  • Steer Clear of Service Overload
  • Rethink Your Academic Network
  • Set Your Own Agenda
  • Manage Your Options
  • Design What’s Next

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