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How to Become a Good Academic Writer

How to Become a Good Academic Writer

Caroline Eisner


Start with your own good ideas and place them at the center of all of your writing. As you read this ebook, you are going to hear me say this over and over again: Academic writing is about communicating your own ideas. The second important concept to remember is this: All good writing comes from a recursive process of writing, drafting, researching, citing, re-writing, re-drafting, proofing, editing, re-writing, etc. In this ebook you will learn to:

  • start with good ideas
  • have a clear sense of audience, purpose, and genre
  • approach the “So What” question
  • use a logical progression of ideas
  • use sources judiciously
  • use citations strategically and correctly
  • write clearly and directly
  • use a consistent tone and style
  • make sure your writing is mechanically competent 
  • repeat: from ideas to clear writing and back again

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