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ACW Writing Productivity Workbook

ACW Writing Productivity Workbook


Academic writers have little training in how to manage their time and efforts to produce the number of publications required for career advancement while successfully teaching their required courses and contributing to the service of their universities. Using the tools and examples in this workbook, you will learn to:

  • Map out what you have to do in the time that you have
  • Balance competing workload responsibilities
  • Plan your time to match your priorities
  • Keep manuscripts moving through the development, writing, and review stages
  • Manage multiple writing projects

To demonstrate how to use the Writing Productivity Workbook tools, we have provided models of how the tools would be used. In the workbook, you will find explanations of and instructions for using each of the tools, examples of how the tools would be used, followed by a tool for you to use as you think about what will be required for your own career advancement.

The workbook contains five tools to help you become a highly productive academic writer:

  • Big picture plan
  • Faculty workload wheels
  • Workload schedule
  • Publication pipeline
  • One-year plan

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