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ACW Academic Writing Strategies Workbook

ACW Academic Writing Strategies Workbook


Academics often get little or no training in the craft of writing for publication. But, of course, writing is not magic. No particular gene or genius is required to write clear, compelling arguments that will engage your readers. In other words, writing well is a skill—a skill that almost everyone can master by learning essential elements of the craft and practicing them over time.

There are five writing strategies that, when mastered and applied together, tend to raise the quality of academic prose from serviceable to stellar:

  • Identify Your Audience
  • Own Your Ideas
  • Frontload the Argument
  • Structure the Argument
  • Make Your Prose Flow

The power of these strategies stems from their ability to transform your prose, allowing readers to quickly grasp your argument’s coherence and significance. This workbook will address each of these strategies and help you learn to apply them as a means for improving the quality of your own academic writing.

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