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Dissertation Proposal Guide

What Is the Standard Format for the Dissertation Proposal?

Although there is no standard proposal format, most institutions require similar elements in a similar order. Historically chairs and committees were given discretion about the proposal’s contents, but that is becoming more uncommon. Therefore, you need to consult your department and university guidelines and follow them closely.

Do All Dissertation Proposals Conform to the Same Model?

Usually, in the Social Sciences you will be expected to submit a three-chapter proposal in which the first chapter provides an overview of your dissertation, the second situates your topic within both theoretical and research literature, and the third describes your proposed methodology. However, some documents follow different formats. In many professional programs, you are required to carry out a project for your dissertation. Certain research institutions require your dissertation to be composed of an introduction, three publishable articles, and a conclusion. It is your responsibility to be aware of the requirements and options at your institution.

How Should I Use the ACW Dissertation Proposal Guide?

The ACW Dissertation Proposal Guide provides an overview of the requirements for the traditional three-chapter proposal, including a detailed description of each of the standard elements.


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