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Surviving the Dissertation Journey

V. Taking Action on Your Dissertation

Aug 17, 2011 Dr Sally

Determine the action(s) you will need to take as well as the structure you will need to create to support your dissertation commitment.

IV. Choosing Your Dissertation Perspective

Aug 10, 2011 Dr Sally

Your perspective on doing your dissertation will color your expectations and will limit your openness to challenging yourself in ways that writing a dissertation require.

III. Balancing Your Dissertation and Your Life

Aug 03, 2011 Dr Sally

A dissertation is a major and long-term commitment, and it is important to maintain a sense of balance that sustains you.

II. Taming Your Dissertation Gremlin

Jul 27, 2011 Dr Sally

As you begin working on your dissertation, you may start having all sorts of doubts about yourself and your ability to actually write a dissertation.

I. Learning Essential Dissertation Survival Skills

Jul 20, 2011 Dr Sally

Self-management skills are necessary for your well-being as you set out on a long and lonely dissertation journey. In this series you will learn essential survival skills.

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