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Getting Your Dissertation off the Ground

VIII. The Steps to Success

Nov 10, 2010 Dr Sally

Without an advisor and bountiful support, the best topic idea will not work for you the way you want it to.

VII. Staying Focused

Nov 03, 2010 Dr Sally

Many students set off on their dissertation journey to explore new territories but never find the path that leads to a single, manageable destination.

VI. Choosing a Method

Oct 27, 2010 Dr Sally

The two most basic research paradigms are the quantitative and qualitative paradigms. Each has its own worldview, its own theories, assumptions, and methods of conducting inquiry.

V. Is It a Good Topic?

Oct 20, 2010 Dr Sally

A dissertation is a piece of work that is both an original and a significant contribution to the knowledge base in your field.

IV. Zooming in on Your Topic

Oct 13, 2010 Dr Sally

When you think about the focus of your dissertation, imagine that you are holding a camera.

III. Becoming a Creative Scholar

Oct 06, 2010 Dr Sally

Writing a dissertation is never easy, but the journey will be full of personal challenge, growth, and excitement.

II. Making the Dissertation Commitment

Sep 29, 2010 Dr Sally

Spend some time reflecting on how finishing your dissertation will affirm you, your values, your life purpose, and take you where you want to go.

I. Taking Inventory

Sep 22, 2010 Dr Sally

 This series will be aimed at those who have completed their course work and are preparing to set off on their dissertation journey.

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