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Getting the Support You Need to Get Phinished

X. Establish Yourself as a Member of the Research Community

Apr 27, 2011 Dr Sally

The extent to which you participate in and begin to identify with a community of scholars will have important implications for the success of your doctoral experience. 

IX. When Advisory Relationships Break Down

Apr 20, 2011 Dr Sally

What happens when, through no fault of your own, you encounter major obstructions with your committee? 

VIII. Maintaining Advisory Relationships

Apr 13, 2011 Dr Sally

Once you have selected your advisor and established your committee, you will have to work hard to build and maintain these relationships.

VII. Creating an Advisory Committee

Apr 06, 2011 Dr Sally

Assemble a group of mentors who will freely collaborate with you and one another, communicate openly and frequently, and support you throughout the dissertation process. 

VI. Identifying Your Advising Needs

Mar 30, 2011 Dr Sally

This blog inludes an inventory of some of the characteristics you should consider before approaching someone to be your advisor.

V. Recognizing Different Advisory Styles

Mar 23, 2011 Dr Sally

Many students want to feel nurtured by a warm and caring, wise teacher. Advisors vary greatly in the amount of nurturance they offer students. 

IV. Selecting an Advisor

Mar 16, 2011 Dr Sally

Choosing the right advisor is critical to your success because your advisor will impact both the quality of your dissertation process and dissertation product. 

III. Building Relationships and Establishing Dialogue

Mar 09, 2011 Dr Sally

 During this journey, you will be expected to enter the dialogue with other academics and to view yourself as a contributor to the world of scholarly ideas.

II. Dissertation Dropout and Ways to Prevent It

Mar 02, 2011 Dr Sally

Since the 1960s, when the first data were collected, the overall dropout rate for ABDs has been consistently estimated at about 50%. 

I. Getting the Support You Need to Get PHinisheD

Feb 23, 2011 Dr Sally

Welcome to this series on getting the support you need to finish your dissertation. This series is written primarily for graduate students in traditional doctoral programs. 

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