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Writing a Journal Article: How to Move From Evidence to Argument

VII. Reading Peer Review Feedback and Developing a Revision Plan

Mar 10, 2014 Amy Benson Brown

Peer review feedback sometimes hurts. But many reviewers are trying to be of service by taking your argument seriously and offering rigorous analysis.

VI. Composing a Compelling Cover Letter

Mar 03, 2014 Amy Benson Brown

To make your case, describe the main idea and one or two additional points that show why your article fits this journal's mission and audience.

V. Co-authoring: Understanding the Roles and Responsibilities of Contributing Authors

Feb 24, 2014 Amy Benson Brown

Early conversations among co-authors should establish the order of authorship, as well as the role and responsibilites of each author.

IV. Finding the Journals that Best Fit Your Article

Feb 17, 2014 Amy Benson Brown

Approach the process of journal selection not only as an author but as an advocate for your work's entry into the wider world.

III. Writing an Effective Discussion or Conclusion Section

Feb 10, 2014 Amy Benson Brown

The discussion section of your journal article must not only summarize your most salient findings but interpret them as well.

II. Crafting Abstracts to Define Your Article’s Scope and Significance

Feb 03, 2014 Amy Benson Brown

Readers will find your article and probably decide whether or not to read it, based on the abstract's wording.

I. Defining Your Article’s Contribution: Tips for Articulating Why It Matters

Jan 26, 2014 Amy Benson Brown

To define your article's contribution, step back to articulate your central claim and explain how it relates to the larger discourse around your topic.

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