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The Secrets of Writing Successful Academic Book Proposals

VIII. Do You Need a Literary Agent: Several Ways to Tell

Nov 08, 2013 Amy Benson Brown

Are you working on a "big book?" Big is not about page count or amount of data, but rather the scope and significance of your argument.

VII. How to Define Your Audience

Oct 24, 2013 Amy Benson Brown

Understanding your audience is a kind of "X" factor that can enhance your ability to resolve many of the challenges inherent in crafting excellent book proposals.

VI. How to Find the Right Structure for Your Book

Oct 16, 2013 Amy Benson Brown

Highly effective organization allows readers to perceive a meaningful sequence in the order of chapters in your book, rather than a string of somewhat related arguments.

V. The Dance of Deadlines: When is the Best Time to Pitch Your Book?

Oct 06, 2013 Amy Benson Brown

Writers may want to consider their career stage, timeline for completion, and the resources they have to support their progress before they approach a publisher.

IV. Etiquette for Academic Book Authors: How to Avoid Common Mistakes

Sep 01, 2013 Amy Benson Brown

This blog addresses common author concerns about how to initiate contact with editors and build a strong working relationship.

III. Why Does This Book Matter?

Aug 07, 2013 Amy Benson Brown

A book's significance lies in its relationship to the state of the discipline, the background of the author, and the mission of the press.

II. The Rationale: How to Make the Case for Your Book

Jul 31, 2013 Amy Benson Brown

The explanation of the purpose of your book or "rationale" is your best shot at conveying its essence and winning the interest of academic editors.

I. The Secrets of Successful Academic Book Proposals

Jul 22, 2013 Amy Benson Brown

This series begins with suggestions for what you can do at any stage of your career to better understand what academic editors look for in book proposals.

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