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VI. Work the Transitions

Mar 15, 2016 Amy Benson Brown

Arguments live or die by how well they use substantive transitions.

V. Use Simple Syntax

Mar 08, 2016 Amy Benson Brown

Embrace simple syntax, particularly at key junctures in your argument.

IV. Write for Readers

Mar 01, 2016 Amy Benson Brown

Consider your audience's needs during the writing and revision process.

III. Own Your Ideas

Feb 23, 2016 Amy Benson Brown

Owning your ideas means claiming your contribution.

II. Frontload Your Argument

Feb 16, 2016 Amy Benson Brown

“Frontloading” is a writing strategy that highlights what’s original in your work, what you are contributing to the understanding of your topic.

I. Five Strategies for Stellar Academic Writing

Feb 09, 2016 Amy Benson Brown

In this series you will learn strategies to frontload your argument, own your ideas, write for readers, use simple syntax, and work the transitions.

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