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Selecting a Journal That Best Fits Your Publication Needs

VII. Maintaining Flexibility in Deciding Journal Fit

Jun 13, 2019 Dr Sally

Start thinking about a potential journal early on as you are planning the article.

VI. Comparing Potential Journals for the Best Match

Jun 06, 2019 Dr Sally

Download a tool to compare journals and find the best match for your article.

V. Selecting a Journal Based on its Prestige

May 30, 2019 Dr Sally

The journal’s impact factor, accessibility to your audience, and acceptance rate are reflections of its quality.

IV. Selecting a Journal That Fits Your Timeline

May 23, 2019 Dr Sally

Find out the journal’s frequency of publication, review turnaround time, and acceptance rate.

III. Selecting Potential Journals for Your Topic, Article Type, and Audience

May 16, 2019 Dr Sally

Once you identify the topic for your article, the type of article you have in mind, and your intended audience, create a list of potential journals in your field.

II. Identifying Your Article Topic, Article Type, and Audience

May 09, 2019 Dr Sally

Identify a topic for your article, decide on the type of article you will write, and determine the audience you would like to reach.

I. Clarifying Your Career Goals and Publication Needs

May 02, 2019 Dr Sally

What do you hope to achieve with the publication of your article? How will this article and the journal you publish in advance your career goals?

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