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Nine Steps to Becoming a Highly Productive Academic Writer

IX. Establish Systems of Accountability

Oct 31, 2012 Dr Sally

Changing your writing habits and sustaining your writing practice requires a system of accountability—to yourself and to others.

VIII. Track Your Writing Progress

Oct 24, 2012 Dr Sally

The key to productivity lies in changing behavior. Tracking changes to your writing behavior as well as the results will reaffirm the success of your new routine.

VII. Chunk Your Writing Project into Small Assignments

Oct 17, 2012 Dr Sally

Begin to think of your writing project in terms of small assignments. Remember a dissertation or a book is written one word at a time.

VI. Set SMART Goals

Oct 10, 2012 Dr Sally

Set SMART goals (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound) to break down your writing goals into small assignments and measure your progress.

V. Use a Timer: The Pomodoro Technique

Oct 03, 2012 Dr Sally

Many writing coaches recommend using a timer set for 25 minutes to help writers develop the discipline to concentrate on an activity, without interruption.

IV. Eliminate Writing Distractions

Sep 26, 2012 Dr Sally

Find ways to temper the distractions. Turn off the cellphone, email, and Internet. Learn techniques such as deep breathing or meditation to quiet the internal dialogue.

III. Overcome Procrastination

Sep 19, 2012 Dr Sally

Procrastination is a difficult habit to break. To overcome procrastination develop skills in three areas: task management, self-management, and social management.

II. Challenge Common Assumptions Against Daily Writing

Sep 12, 2012 Dr Sally

Challenge assumptions that you need to be in the mood, you can't schedule creativity, you can't be good at teaching and research, and you're too busy.

I. Nurture a Daily Writing Habit

Sep 05, 2012 Dr Sally

To write a dissertation, a book, or articles, you must learn the secret of all productive writers: Establish a daily writing routine.

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