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How to Publish Your Dissertation

X. Waiting for the Peer Review

Jul 03, 2012 Amy Kiste Nyberg

Generally, you can expect to receive one of three responses: Your article is accepted for publication, revise and resubmit, or your article has not been accepted.

IX. Crafting and Submitting the Journal Article

Jun 26, 2012 Amy Kiste Nyberg

Preparing a journal article from your dissertation involves more than cutting and pasting. Learn how to repurpose your research for your target journal.

VIII. Selecting a Journal

Jun 19, 2012 Amy Kiste Nyberg

Pick a journal based on fit with your research, reputation in your discipline, acceptance rate, backlog for publication, citation ranking, and databases that index the journal.

VII. Carving Up the Dissertation into Journal Articles

Jun 12, 2012 Amy Kiste Nyberg

Use the "bullet points" method to identify issues, topics, or findings in your dissertation. Each bullet should be a phrase that captures one aspect of your work.

VI. Understanding the Book Proposal Review Process

Jun 05, 2012 Amy Kiste Nyberg

Publishers evaluate manuscripts by sending them off to established scholars for peer review.  What do peer reviewers look for?

V. Preparing the Book Proposal

May 29, 2012 Amy Kiste Nyberg

A book proposal is your formal introduction to the editor and your shot at getting published with this press. This blog outlines the requirements of a proposal.

IV. Targeting a Book Publisher

May 22, 2012 Amy Kiste Nyberg

This blog provides tips on whether to send a book proposal without a prepared manuscript and how to identify possible publishers.

III. Recognizing that a Dissertation is NOT a Book

May 15, 2012 Amy Kiste Nyberg

There are essential differences between a dissertation and a book. They are written for different audiences, serve different purposes, and have different structures.

II. Deciding to Turn Your Dissertation into a Book

May 08, 2012 Amy Kiste Nyberg

Be honest in your evaluation of your research to determine if it has the potential to become a book.

I. Beginning again, after the Dissertation

May 01, 2012 Amy Kiste Nyberg

Your first task is to decide whether you want to turn your dissertation into a book or break it up into scholarly articles.

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