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How to Get Your Academic Writing Done: Myths and New Research About Successful Writing

IX. Hitting the Writer’s Jackpot: Flow States and Eureka Moments

Oct 29, 2014 Amy Benson Brown

Though academic writing surely requires hard work. it also brings periods of deep satisfaction. How can you prepare your mind for "flow" states and "eureka" moments?

VIII. Is Dyslexia or ADHD Affecting Your Writing Process?

Oct 22, 2014 Amy Benson Brown

As a professional researcher you are in a better position than most to figure out the best path for working with your dsylexia or ADHD.

VII. Are You a Pre-Crastinator?

Oct 14, 2014 Amy Benson Brown

Rather than take the most efficient route, you may take paths that demand more effort because they seem easier and create the illusion of productivity.

VI. Overcoming Procrastination

Oct 07, 2014 Amy Benson Brown

Crippling self-doubts that trigger procrastination often arise, ironically, when the manuscript is close to being done. Why do writers hit the wall at the end of a project?

V. Overcoming Anxiety About Academic Writing

Sep 29, 2014 Amy Benson Brown

This blog provides some simple but effective ways to overcome the anxiety that tends to accompany academic writing.

IV. What Really Is Writer’s Block?

Sep 22, 2014 Amy Benson Brown

Your assumptions about yourself and the writing process make a huge difference in your ability to move past blocks.

III. When Writing Seems Like a Dark Journey, Trust Your Headlights

Sep 15, 2014 Amy Benson Brown

Achieving your destination requires cultivating a mindset to help you tolerate ambiguity and keep moving forward even when your path seems uncertain.

II. The Big Lie About Academic Writing: “I just have to write it up”

Sep 08, 2014 Amy Benson Brown

Probably the most harmful myth about writing is that it should always be a linear, straightforward process.

I. Taking Stock of Your Writing Progress to Plan a Productive Academic Year

Sep 01, 2014 Amy Benson Brown

With the beginning of the academic year, how will you accomplish the writing tasks that didn't get done over the summer break?

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