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Four Easy Steps to APA Citations and References

IV. How to Locate Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs)

Aug 20, 2012 Peter Coogan

APA requires DOIs.  For journal articles or publications lacking a DOI, provide the homepage of the journal or report publisher.

III. How to Construct Your APA Reference List

Aug 13, 2012 Peter Coogan

The APA reference system may seem intimidating, bit it is less so if you simply break down what is needed into four simple elements.

II. When and How to Cite Sources in Your Text

Aug 06, 2012 Peter Coogan

When you cite a source, you need to know who stated the information, when they stated, what they stated, and where the information is stated.

I. Four Easy Steps to APA Citations and References

Jul 30, 2012 Peter Coogan

ACW editor Dr. Peter Coogan identifies the four key pieces of information you need to know to comply with APA: Who, When, What, and Where.

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