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Developing Your Voice as an Academic Author

VIII. Speaking Out: The Risks and Rewards of Public Scholarship

Jun 17, 2014 Amy Benson Brown

In the risks and opportunities it offers, public scholarship reflects a heightened case of the issues at the heart of this series on academic voice.

VII. Double-Voiced: Speaking to Researchers and Practitioners in Your Field

May 26, 2014 Amy Benson Brown

Many academic writers want a voice that speaks to both their academic colleagues and to practitioners in their fields. I call this being double-voiced.

VI. From the Classroom to the Page: Can Your Experience as a Teacher Help Define Your Voice?

May 06, 2014 Amy Benson Brown

Understanding how voice works requires taking a hard look at how intertwined issues of courage and authority shape you in the classroom and on the page.

V. Between You and Me: Using Models to Develop Your Voice

Apr 30, 2014 Amy Benson Brown

A potential hazard of imitation of academic models is getting stuck in trying to sound like the writers you admire.

IV. What is “Good” in Good Writing?: How to Develop Your Own Metric

Apr 23, 2014 Amy Benson Brown

It is worth your time to unearth your own beliefs about exactly what is "good" about the good writing in your field.

III. Hiding in Plain Sight: The Problem of Authority for Academic Authors

Apr 16, 2014 Amy Benson Brown

Letting your voice ring out clearly may leave you explosed and vulnerable. But a whispering voice may never be heard at all.

II. Between a Rock and a Hard Place: How to Cultivate Your Voice Within Your Discipline

Apr 09, 2014 Amy Benson Brown

Your voice is really your vehicle for making your concerns and commitments as well as your expertise known in the world.

I. Above the Babble: What Does Voice Really Mean for Academic Authors?

Apr 02, 2014 Amy Benson Brown

The fact remains that making a name as a researcher depends on developing a credible and compelling voice.

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