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Building Your ePortfolio

VII. Turning Your Portfolio into an ePortfolio

Mar 05, 2012 Caroline Eisner

An ePortfolio is always in process. You can reshape it, depending on trends in the market, your changing research agenda, and new experiences.

VI. Writing the Research Statement: How and Why You Research What You Do

Feb 27, 2012 Caroline Eisner

The Research Statement is about you as a researcher, what interests you, your research accomplishments, and where you see your research moving in the future.

V. Writing the Teaching Statement: How and Why You Teach What You Do

Feb 20, 2012 Caroline Eisner

A Teaching Statement explores your understanding of how students learn and how your classroom instruction can best assist that learning.

IV. Providing Evidence That Your Students Are Learning

Feb 13, 2012 Caroline Eisner

 Your ePortfolio provides the dynamic space to demonstrate that you are capable of excellent teaching that increases students' learning skills and content knowledge.

III. Putting Your Curriculum Vitae Together

Feb 06, 2012 Caroline Eisner

Your CV is your best opportunity to provide relevant information in one place about what you have accomplished and to indicate what you are capable of doing.

II. The Curriculum Vitae

Jan 30, 2012 Caroline Eisner

Your Curriculum Vitae (CV) is a representation of your academic life, including the details about your education and academic experiences.

I. Building an ePortfolio

Jan 23, 2012 Caroline Eisner

This series will provide you with both the nuts and bolts of creating your portfolio documents, as well as the reasons behind their creation.

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