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The Tenure Path

VIII. Take the Final Step: Your Tenure Year

Oct 25, 2011 Amy Kiste Nyberg

Think of the tenure process as your opportunity to share with your colleagues all you have accomplished along the path to tenure.

VII. Make Sure Everybody Knows Your Name (and Face)

Oct 18, 2011 Amy Kiste Nyberg

Take advantage of social opportunities and participate in the academic life of the university to ensure you are recognized by the tenure committee.

VI. Don’t Go It Alone: Find a Mentor

Oct 11, 2011 Amy Kiste Nyberg

Recognize the value of a mentor who knows the ropes and understands the culture of the university.

V. Prioritize the “Big Three:” Research, Teaching, and Service

Oct 04, 2011 Amy Kiste Nyberg

As tempting as it is to get caught up in your teaching, remember to balance teaching with your other obligations.

IV. Document Everything You Do

Sep 27, 2011 Amy Kiste Nyberg

The most time-consuming part of going up for tenure is the prepartation of the tenure application and portfolio.

III. Keep an Eye on the Tenure Clock

Sep 20, 2011 Amy Kiste Nyberg

Your tenure clock starts ticking the minute you take a tenure-track position.  Everything you do should be geared toward enhancing your tenure portfolio.

II. Talk Tenure at Your Job Interview

Sep 13, 2011 Amy Kiste Nyberg

Find out about the tenure process before you take a job.  Ask for the guidelines to determine whether the position is a good fit.

I. The Tenure Path

Sep 06, 2011 Amy Kiste Nyberg

This series will help you travel the path to tenure without getting lost or sidetracked.

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