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Conducting an Academic Job Search

IX. Cultivate Resilience: Four Things to Do While You Wait to Hear About Your Academic Job Search

Nov 10, 2014 Paula Thompson

The long timeline of an academic job search fuels feelings of fear and uncertainty.  Learn four strategies to strengthen your resiliency and manage your stress.

VIII. Connect: Help Your Network Help You Land an Academic Job

Nov 03, 2014 Paula Thompson

This blog describes best practice for communicating with your academic career support network to help you land an academic position.

VII. Take Charge: Project Manage Your Academic Job Search

Oct 27, 2014 Paula Thompson

Use project managment skills to create actionable tasks and prioritize time every week to meet deadlines and submit quality applications.

VI. Gain Clarity: What Are Your Academic Career Goals and Job Criteria?

Oct 20, 2014 Paula Thompson

The Academic Job Searching Toolkit includes exercises to clarify your goals, understand the job components, and decide on your decision criteria.

V. Prioritize: How Your Academic Job Search Fits Into Your Life

Oct 13, 2014 Paula Thompson

This blog presents an exercise to prioritize your unique needs during the academic job search and decide where to apply and how to select the best job for you.

IV. Get Real: Changing Trends in Applying for Academic Jobs

Oct 06, 2014 Paula Thompson

The academic job search is impersonal, highly bureaucratic, and political. Learn about recent changes in the ways universities conduct job searches. 

III. Maintain Positivity: Five Tips for Staying Positive During Your Academic Job Search

Sep 30, 2014 Paula Thompson

Learn five strategies to keep a positive mindset during the trials and tribulations of an academic job search.

II. Acknowledge the Uncertainty: Why Academic Job Searching Sparks Fears and Anxiety

Sep 23, 2014 Paula Thompson

Do the high stakes of the academic job search or the fear of rejection spark fears and anxiety? Does the uncertainty rattle you?

I. Conducting an Academic Job Search with Clarity, Positivity, and Resilience

Sep 16, 2014 Paula Thompson

Finding the faculty position that fits your career goals and life priorities requires self-reflection and conscious efforts to manage the process with a positive mindset. 

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