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Branding Your Academic Job Search

X. Applying to Jobs That Fit Your Academic Brand

Sep 17, 2017 Dr Sally

As you think about applying for a specific job opening, think about how the job will fit your goals and needs.

IX. Educating Your Letter Writers About Your Academic Brand

Sep 10, 2017 Dr Sally

Maintain professional networks of people who know you and your accomplishments, choose letter writers carefully, and guide them to write effective letters that support your goals and academic brand.

VIII. Promoting Your Academic Brand on Social Media

Sep 03, 2017 Dr Sally

Whichever online platforms you use, your brand statement, your profile, and your photograph should be consistent with your job application documents.

VII. Branding Yourself Online to Stand Out on the Academic Job Market

Aug 27, 2017 Dr Sally

Expect that members of job search committees will Google you. Your online profiles should tell the same story and convey the same brand as your job materials.

VI. Branding Your Cover Letter for the Academic Job Market

Aug 20, 2017 Dr Sally

The Cover Letter is the most important document. It conveys the coherence of your branded application package and must be carefully crafted to the specifics of the job description.

V. Branding Your Teaching Statement for the Academic Job Market

Aug 13, 2017 Dr Sally

Your teaching statement should show rather than tell the reader about your teaching.

IV. Branding Your Research Statement for the Academic Job Market

Aug 06, 2017 Dr Sally

A branded research statement clearly explains your identity as a researcher, what you research and why, where you see your research headed, and why this work is significant.

III. Branding Your CV for the Academic Job Market

Jul 30, 2017 Dr Sally

A CV includes your academic accomplishments organized by category and in a specific order.

II. Discovering Your Brand, Your Story, Your Future

Jul 23, 2017 Dr Sally

Learn how to create your own unique academic brand for a clear and consistent presentation throughout your academic job application materials.

I. Branding Your Academic Job Search

Jul 16, 2017 Dr Sally

This blog series will help you create a compelling set of job application materials that convey the value of the scholarly work that you do.

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