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VIII. Women in Higher Education: What’s Holding You Back From Branding?

Jun 24, 2014 Paula Thompson

Are you stuck in your feelings of isolation and of being an imposter? Working with an ACW coach, you can move beyond the negative self-talk that may be…

VII. Time Managing Your Brand and Social Media

Jun 03, 2014 Paula Thompson

The most crucial element in finding the time for academic branding activities is to approach branding like a project manager.

VI. Common Fears and Concerns About Academic Branding

May 27, 2014 Paula Thompson

Are you afraid that greater visibility may open you up to greater scrutiny or that you will be viewed as less scholarly? Don't let these common fears overwhelm you.

V. What’s Love Got to Do With It? Why Relationships, Followers, and Audience Will Make Your Brand

May 20, 2014 Paula Thompson

Your Academic Brand Plan gives you the opportunity to develop goals, strategies, and action steps that allow people to understand and—YES!—love your brand.

IV. Creating an Academic Brand Plan

May 13, 2014 Paula Thompson

The ACW Academic Brand Plan provides the structure that will organize your efforts and hold you accountable for accomplishing your goals.

III. Working Your Way Through the Academic Branding Cycle

May 06, 2014 Paula Thompson

The ACW Academic Branding Cycle includes four phases: Discover & Define Your Brand; Develop Your Plan & Network; Build Platforms and Visibility; Accomplish, Adjust & Amplify.

II. How Academic Branding Can Help Your Career

Apr 29, 2014 Paula Thompson

At all points in your career a well-crafted academic brand can help you enhance your visibility, build your network, and create new opportunities.

I. What is Academic Branding?

Apr 22, 2014 Paula Thompson

Academic Branding is a new approach to clearly articulating your unique expertise and purposefully managing the way you are perceived in face-to-face and virtual encounters.

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