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September 2013

VI. The Importance of Following Guidelines for Citing and Documenting Sources

Sep 29, 2013 Dr Sally

In this blog you will learn the importance of citing correctly and following the documentation guidelines used in your discipline to establish your authority in the academic discourse.

V. Presenting the Work of Others: When to Paraphrase and When to Quote

Sep 18, 2013 Dr Sally

In this blog, you will learn when to quote directly from a source and when to paraphrase the quotation or idea.

IV. The Structure of Your Literature Review

Sep 09, 2013 Dr Sally

Think about how to present the material in your literature review in a way that will best shape your argument and make sense to your readers.

III. A Synthesis Matrix as a Tool for Analyzing and Synthesizing Prior Research

Sep 01, 2013 Dr Sally

In this blog you will learn about using a synthesis matrix to organize the sources in your literature review and integrate them into a unique interpretation.

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