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August 2018

IV. Connecting With a Potential Collaborator

Aug 31, 2018 Claire Renaud

Once you have identified a potential collaborator, decide how to approach this individual and strategize how to present your proposal in the best light.

III. Selecting the Right Collaborator

Aug 24, 2018 Claire Renaud

Before you approach a collaborator, clarify the idea for the project and then consider who will be the best match for you and the project.

II. Deciding Whether to Collaborate

Aug 17, 2018 Claire Renaud

This blog will highlight some of the most important considerations to help you reach a more informed decision about whether or not to collaborate.

I. Collaborating With Others or Not?

Aug 10, 2018 Claire Renaud

Collaborating on an academic project offers a number of benefits for faculty researchers, such as opportunities for dialogue and growth and exposure to different perspectives.

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