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March 2018

VII. Going Public With Your SoTL Project: Where to Go Public

Mar 30, 2018 Caroline Eisner

As you are completing your SoTL research, consider how to share your findings with your colleagues at conferences and in journals.

VI. Conducting Scholarly Research

Mar 23, 2018 Caroline Eisner

Before you conduct your SoTL research, consider the importance of the need for generalizability and replicability of your results and always seek approval from the IRB.

V. Framing a SoTL Question for Research

Mar 16, 2018 Caroline Eisner

A strong SoTL research project calls for a researchable, well-framed question that you can answer by collecting empirical evidence.

IV. Assessing Student Learning

Mar 09, 2018 Caroline Eisner

Use ongoing assessments to discover how well students are learning the desired course objectives.

III. Articulating Clear Learning Objectives for Student Learning

Mar 02, 2018 Caroline Eisner

What makes a learning objective effective and measurable?

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