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February 2016

VII. Champion, Challenge, and Create Accountability

Feb 25, 2016 Kathryn Kleypas

Learn about the coaching skills of championing, challenging, and creating accountability for coaching agreements.

VI. Tame the Negative Self-Talk or Inner Critic

Feb 18, 2016 Kathryn Kleypas

As you begin to notice the ways that negative self-criticism disempowers the person you're coaching, call out self-defeating narratives and challenge them.

V. Create a Vision of the Future: The Future Scholar

Feb 11, 2016 Kathryn Kleypas

As a coach, your job is to help your coachee articulate a vision for his or her academic career. Try the Future Scholar visualization exercise.

IV. Identify Signature Strengths and Core Values

Feb 04, 2016 Kathryn Kleypas

A coach's job is to help individuals make conscious choices that align with their signature strengths and core values.

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