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Virtual ACW Writing Room

ACW is offering a 12-week virtual Writing Room (beginning on September 16, 2019) to help you establish a daily writing practice, and we are offering it free to those who sign up to work with a dissertation or faculty coach for three months. To be eligible for this offer, you must sign up to work with a coach by September 6, 2019, and begin your coaching by September 13, 2019. Those of you who are currently working with an ACW coach are also eligible (register through your coach).

To participate in this virtual community of academic writers, you must be willing to commit to a minimum of an hour of writing per day or five hours per week during the ACW Writing Room hours and maintain a weekly planning and accountability document.

The virtual Writing Room will be open Monday-Friday during the following hours:

  • 8 am to 2:00 pm Eastern
  • 7 am to 1:00 pm Central
  • 6 am to noon Mountain
  • 5 am to 11 am Pacific

The Writing Room will be open Monday-Friday, beginning September 16 and ending December 13, 2019.

In addition, you must attend an orientation meeting on Friday, September 13, 2019 (at 2 pm Eastern).

If you are interested in taking advantage of this ACW offer, click on one of these links and fill out the form to Schedule a Free Consultation.

Dissertation Coaching

Faculty Coaching

Writing or Publication Coaching

In the "Words" of ACW Writing Room Participants

This was the most successful (and most sane) writing experience of my career.

Having deadlines and knowing that someone was going to know that I had certain goals was helpful. I also learned tons about myself. I learned that setting goals ahead of time helped keep me on task.

It forced me to "get started" by just showing up. That is my most difficult hurdle and I'm often too easy on myself.

Showing up in the Writing Room every morning gave me a serene focus to start the day. With the calm that this routine created, I remembered how to find joy in my work—from the big ideas to the little tinkering.

This made a huge difference for how I think about my work.

Knowing that someone was going to look at my chart daily, I had to keep up. I couldn’t procrastinate. I had to show up and do the work and admit when I fell short. When I did fall short, I couldn’t beat myself up. I had to shake it off, then figure how to re-write my goals for the next day.

In the ACW Coaching and Writing Program I found the support and accountability to develop the discipline to write every day.

I didn't want to view writing as a drudgery. I wanted to learn how to view the process as productive and positive, even if the first, second, or third drafts weren't very good at all. And with the help of the ACW Writing Room, Moderators, and my Academic Coach, I have acquired the confidence to do so.

Since my first day of writing in the ACW Virtual Writing Room, I’ve woken up excited about writing each morning!

I’m learning to prioritize my research and to honor my writing time as sacred.

The SMART Goals have been tremendously helpful in terms of strategizing my writing projects as well as providing me with a sense of accountability.

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