Tenure Ascent

Tenure Ascent

The final review is the culmination of the trek. Even though you have prepared and followed your plan, you may feel stress as you anticipate the outcome. If you have cultivated a network of supporters along the way, you will have assistance when you need it.

These are the tools you can rely on for the final Tenure Ascent:

Make sure your portfolio looks professional. Your tenure application and portfolio may be the most important documents you will prepare in your academic career. Review each document to ensure that it is readable and conveys your unique accomplishments. Ask someone else to check, too, because for some of us, it is hard to proofread our own work.

Tap your mentors and colleagues for support. You may be evaluated on your “collegiality,” as well as your research, teaching, and service. Your fellow professors want a colleague who is a good fit for the academic culture of the institution and a good colleague in the department. Connect with those in your support network and ask for the support that you need. Ask them to review your application. Role play tenure interviews to prepare you to field difficult questions.

Ask for help. It’s understandable if you feel that you want outside guidance during the tenure trek. Don’t be afraid to seek out an impartial coach for guidance, roadmaps, and feedback on crafting your message and your portfolio.

At this point, you have the satisfaction that you have done all you can do. You have reached the summit and can survey the path you have climbed. Acknowledge your hard work. Look for a letter informing you that you have earned tenure!