Standing Out Meadow

Standing Out Meadow

If you have followed your tenure map, you are in good shape, and the end is in sight. Now is the time to take stock of your achievements. Identify your unique scholarly contribution, carefully craft your identity, and, from time to time, “toot your horn” to let others know about your accomplishments.

As you review your progress towards tenure and survey the path ahead, consider using these tools for a successful climb to the summit:

Identify your “Voice.” As you progress on your tenure trek, you gain confidence in who you are as a Scholar. As you have developed in your teaching and research, ask yourself “How do I stand out from my colleagues and how do my ideas differ from others in my field?” Clarify your unique contribution and make that your trademark or your scholarly “Identity.”

Brand yourself. Once you have developed your scholarly identity, consciously construct your message. Design your website, CV, and other materials to consistently convey your “brand.” Consider the merits of creating an ePortfolio to promote yourself but don’t go overboard with glitz that obscures the substance of your message.

Toot your horn. Self-promotion comes naturally to some people, but many academics have a hard time with what may seem like bragging. Do your best to sell yourself to your colleagues. Highlight your accomplishments and your unique identity whenever you have the opportunity, being careful neither to exaggerate nor to undersell your contributions. Definitely play up your achievements in your annual reviews and tenure application.