Overwhelm Crossroads

Overwhelm Crossroads

To successfully juggle all your faculty responsibilities, prioritize the “big three” (teaching, research, and service) and map out time for each.

Don’t allow teaching responsibilities to derail you. From the outset make a pledge to never let your research fall by the wayside. Use these tools to stay on track:

Create a tenure plan. Revisit the research agenda statement you prepared for your job search, and establish a timeline that fits with your tenure review process. Identify immediate goals (i.e., dissertation publication) and set deadlines.

Schedule time to research and write. Create a schedule that works for the academic year, and one that works for the summer months. Block out writing time on your calendar and stick to your plan.

Review the tenure map with senior faculty. Once a semester, update your tenure plan and review it with someone who understands the expectations for tenure in your department to ensure that you stay on your path to tenure.

Ask for guidance from your mentor or department chair about service expectations for new faculty. Be strategic about the service commitments you make and schedule them in a way that will not overwhelm your other commitments.

Form good habits at the beginning of your tenure trek. The first year is often the hardest in terms of adjusting to your new faculty position. Map out time for teaching, research, and service, and you will be on solid footing as you set off on your trek.