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Academic Coaching Program and Pricing

ACW provides a variety of services to support academics in meeting their career goals. Our Academic Career Coaches are very familiar with the requirements for advancement in academia and will help you establish and maintain your goals.

If you decide to work with one of our Academic Career Coaches you will create a trusting relationship with your coach and meet with the coach weekly to review your progress, reflect on the obstacles you encounter, brainstorm solutions, and set goals for the future. Your coach is a guide, sounding board, cheerleader, and an accountability partner to ensure that you stay on your path and reach your destination.

What is the ACW Academic Coaching Program?

The ACW Academic Coaching Program is a 12-week individualized program designed to support you to grow as a scholar, take charge of your career, balance competing demands, and provide accountability to help you achieve your goals. ACW Academic Coaches provide:

  • Tenure coaching helps you prioritize your goals, create a tenure and career plan, and identify the tools and resources you need to succeed.
  • Productivity coaching encourages you to create a sacred writing practice and provides accountability to help you attain your writing goals.
  • Academic branding guides you to develop a vision of your unique contribution (your “brand,”), a plan to actualize your brand, and a platform consistent with your brand.
  • Academic career coaching helps you articulate your strategy, whether you are entering academia, preparing for promotion, or exploring how to transition into a nonacademic career.

What does the AWC Academic Coaching Program cost?

  • You must make an initial 12-week commitment.
  • You will be billed in 3 installments of $900 for a total of $2,700.
  • If you choose to pay for the 12 weeks before your first coaching meeting, the discounted fee is $2,550.
  • After the initial 12 weeks, you may choose to continue the ACW Academic Coaching Program at $900 per month.

How does the ACW Academic Coaching Program work?

At ACW, we believe academic success is a team effort, so we have structured the ACW Academic Coaching Program to include:

  • Weekly Coaching Calls. Meet with an ACW Academic Coach each week for an hour to brainstorm how to boost your writing productivity or how to prepare for, advance, or exit a career in academia. Your ACW Academic Coach can help you create an action plan and support you as you take steps toward reaching your goals.
  • Virtual Daily Writing Room. Join a structured writing community where you learn to break down your weekly tasks into small assignments, track your writing progress, and are held accountable in a supportive environment facilitated by experienced moderators.
  • ACW Webinar Series. Participate in instructive webinars to learn the skills you need to become a more productive academic writer and achieve your academic career goals.

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