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An academic coach partners with you to develop your unique research agenda and learn practices to become a more productive writer. Watch Video

Our Academic Coaches support you to grow as a scholar, take charge of your career, balance competing demands, and provide accountability to help you achieve your goals.

Growing as a Scholar

  • Develop your scholarly voice
  • Take ownership of your ideas
  • Establish good writing habits
  • Recognize how you may sabotage yourself
  • Increase your self-confidence
  • Make connections in your field

Taking Charge of Your Career

  • Develop your scholarly identity and articulate your academic "brand"
  • Create a career plan
  • Build a strategic network of support
  • Understand the tenure and promotion process
  • Navigate the process of academic publishing
  • Apply for an academic job
  • Become a leader in academia
  • Decide to leave academia

Balancing Research, Teaching, and Life

  • Identify what is important
  • Find the right balance
  • Learn when to say “YES”
  • Learn when and how to say “NO”
  • Become accountable for your choices
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