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How Academic Writers Lose Confidence and How to Regain It

VII. How to Get Better Writing Feedback and Make Better Use of It

Apr 30, 2015 Amy Benson Brown

Would you like to get better feedback on your writing?

VI. How to Honestly Assess Your Writing

Apr 23, 2015 Amy Benson Brown

Take these quizzes to help you spot your strengths and weaknesses as a writer.

V. The Importance of Recognizing Your Strengths As a Writer

Apr 16, 2015 Amy Benson Brown

Why is it so difficult to see your own strengths as a writer?

IV. Bad Feelings About Writing Don’t Mean You’re a Bad Writer

Apr 09, 2015 Amy Benson Brown

Why do highly intelligent people feel so stupid when they experience temporary inarticulateness?

III. How Academic Writers Regain Confidence

Apr 02, 2015 Amy Benson Brown

Learn how academic writers can employ theories of self-efficacy and self-perception to regain confidence in their abilities.

II. How Academic Writers Lose Confidence

Mar 26, 2015 Amy Benson Brown

How does the academic culture create doubts about your writing ability?

I. Have You Lost Confidence in Your Writing?

Mar 19, 2015 Amy Benson Brown

A crisis in writing confidence is simmering in academia today. How confident are you in your writing ability?

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